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Gwyn McDonald

Photography & Design




A Bit About Me

Taking a gap year after high school to do City Year, Americorps set me up for success in college. After teaching in an urban elementary school I had a deep appreciation for education and what the transfer of knowledge can do for myself and the rest of the world. 


In college I deep dove into politics, art, and journalism before deciding to design my own major. I crafted a special studies curriculum and named it Documentary Studies in Art and Politics. 

When school went online, I started doing more photography. I spent the summer of 2020 photographing protests throughout Connecticut, most were organized in the wake of George Floyd's murder. It was during this time, I realized how impactful my work can be in writing history. 

For the winter season of my senior year, I chose to move to Vermont for snowboarding and for the opportunity to practice sports photography. While in Vermont I formed a family amongst the snowboarding community. 


My core values are empathy, creativity, and equal opportunity for positive growth. 

Work Experience

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